Student Spotlight: Abdul Latif Bin Ahamed Basir

Embry-Riddle Worldwide student Abdul Latif Bin Ahamed Basir poses for a picture."As a final year student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Asia, I am only few modules away from graduation. Having been used to the Singaporean education system, my learning journey at ERAU has been an eye opener. Industry professionals with a vast experience in the field of aviation, our instructors are flown in from the American Campuses. I truly admire their style of teaching.

"It is never about memorizing the entire text, swallowing every morsel of redundant information without comprehension, they are determined on getting you to meet, understand and apply every single one of the courses’ learning objectives.

"They motivate you to reach levels of greatness you never dared fathom yourself. I find myself undertaking modules, which I could actually apply in real life situations. Having said this, I truly look forward to joining the highly qualified and capable professionals in Singapore’s aviation sector."

Abdul Latif Bin Ahamed Basir
Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

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