Student Spotlight: Chelsea Castro

Embry-Riddle Worldwide student Chelsea Castro poses for a picture.Chelsea Castro began taking classes at Embry-Riddle Asia in 2014 and is working on his Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Adminstration.

Q: What made you decide to enroll in Embry-Riddle?
A: I was already looking into an aviation degree upon graduation and I have heard about Embry-Riddle in Singapore. Since local universities do not provide any Aviation related courses, I enrolled in Embry-Riddle. 

Q: What was it about the program at Embry-Riddle that appealed to you?
A: I felt that the programme, Business Administration in Aviation was very relevant to what I really wanted to do in future. It's my first time hearing such a combination and that appealed to me. 

Q: What's your favorite course so far?
A: My favorite course would be Values and Ethics. It's something different from other modules as it involves alot of interaction and thinking. 

Q: How do your professors enhance learning?
A: They enhance our learning through class discussions and encourage online research to broaden our knowledge. 

Q: How will this degree fulfill your ambitions?
A: Having this degree would prepare me to fufil my ambition of managing an airline, as the courses that this degree offers are specialized with the sole purpose of being an asset in the Aviation industry.

Q: Where do you see your future taking you?
A: Airport/Airline Consultant. 

Q: Would you recommend Embry-Riddle to your friends? Why?
A: Definitely. But only when they show interest in Aviation, since Embry-Riddle is a reputable aviation university, worldwide. 

Q: What sparked your interest in aviation?
A: I enjoy taking airplane rides and that led to my "secret" desire of being an Air Stewardess. My interest in Aviation grew even more after learning about the industry in Polytechnic.  

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