We currently have 2 options for individuals interested in flight training to choose from. Individuals who are studying the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics (BSA) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia can take up a Flight Minor, with the flight training taking place in Daytona Beach, Floride. Aside from this option, individuals can also enroll at APEX Flight Academy, which allows them to study the BSA at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia in Singapore and undergo flight training at APEX’s Training Center in Taitung, Taiwan.
Since we started offering our first classes in Singapore in January 2011 we've had tremendous support for local partners that have enabled us to deliver our academic degree programs in the same quality teaching environments our students at other Embry-Riddle campuses enjoy. As we outgrow our current facilities in the coming years we're looking at where Embry-Riddle Asia can build its new home in Singapore. Until then, we're committed to ensuring that students continue to have access to state-of-the-art classrooms and student life facilities through our local partners in Singapore.

First launched by Embry-Riddle in 2007, EagleVision is a virtual classroom that combines the power of web video conferencing and learning management system software to maximize the benefits of synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning environments. EagleVision provides real-time collaboration in a student-centered learning environment. By leveraging this technology and keeping academic quality in the forefront, we have been able to offer two additional course delivery modes — EagleVision Classroom (classroom to classroom(s)) and EagleVision Home (faculty and students at home) — and enhance our online learning opportunities.

Yes. Degrees conferred in Singapore carry the exact same accreditation and industry recognition as an ERAU degree anywhere else in the world. Students in Asia graduate with the same qualifications as those from our campuses in the United States and worldwide. Degree programs offered at ERC Institute are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

Degree Programs and Delivery

Our graduate degree programs (MBAA and MSA) are currently offered in a part-time delivery, designed for working professionals and able to be completed in 2 years.  We are also offering the MBAA in a full-time delivery from January 2016. Our undergraduate degree programs (BSABA and BSA) are offered in both full-time (daytime) and part-time (evening) delivery. Full-time undergraduate study allows a student to complete the degree in 2-3 years and part-time study allows degree completion in 3-5 years.
Our graduate degree classes have between 20 and 30 students and our undergraduate degree classes have between 30 and 50 students. Embry-Riddle Asia is committed to maintaining the same low faculty-to-student ratio that students at our campuses in the United States enjoy.
Yes, while not required as part of our degree programs, students wishing to pursue an internship are assisted with applying for an internship. Credit can be awarded for an internship so not only can it be a great learning experience but it can also reduce the cost of your degree program.
Yes. Undergraduate students are eligible to spend one semester (4 months) at either the Prescott or Daytona Beach residential campuses. Students will enjoy the same Embry-Riddle Asia tuition rate while studying at one of our campuses in the United States. Students interested in this study abroad opportunity should express interest as they enter the last year of their degree program.
Embry-Riddle Asia believes strongly in providing the same American style education we offer in the United States at our locations in Singapore. Each course will be unique but students will enjoy a variety of lecture, problem solving, group work and real-world applications of the curriculum that will vary from course to course dependent on the subject matter.
Most of our instructors are recruited in Singapore, and must meet ERAU’s high standards in terms of academic qualifications and teaching skills. We also have a number of fulltime faculty who make a significant contribution to our teaching program as well as assisting with administrative matters. In addition from time to time we have visiting faculty from the USA and other parts of the world. This enables students to gain an international view of Aviation issues.
Yes. All of our degree programs can be taken either in Singapore in our classroom or blended delivery or fully online. Online students enjoy the maximum amount of flexibility as courses are offered each month and students can progress towards degree completion at the pace that works best for them. You can learn more by visiting our Embry-Riddle Asia Online page.
A credit is a unit of measure used to calculate the number of contact hours you receive in a term. Each course consists of 40 hours of teaching and learning which we define as a 3 credit hour course (a standard US academic unit of instruction). Our terms in Singapore are structured in 9 week blocks. This allows students to move through the program at a slightly faster pace than is possible in the US. In a 3 credit course you can expect to be in class 5 hours per.

An Honours degree is unique to the British, Australian, New Zealand educational system. You will not find an honors degree program at an American University. However, there is an opportunity to graduate with honors and it is based on your cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.

  • Students graduating with a CGPA of 3.90 - 4.00 will graduate with Summa Cum Laude (1st Class) honors.
  • Students graduating with a CGPA of 3.70 - 3.89 will graduate with Magna Cum Laude (2nd Class) honors.
  • Students graduating with a CGPA of 3.50 - 3.69 will graduate with Cum Laude (3rd Class) Honors
A term at Embry-Riddle is 9 weeks consisting of 8 weeks of classroom/online instruction followed by 1 week for examinations or assessment.

Classroom timing depends on whether you are pursuing your degree at a full-time or part-time pace.

  • Part Time: Classes are held from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. on weekdays and on Saturdays from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Full Time: Classes are held from 9 a.m.- 7 p.m. on weekdays only.

The number of hours you spend in the classroom each week depends on the number of courses you're taking. Part-time students generally take 2 courses and full-time students generally take between 3 and 4.


All Embry-Riddle Asia applicants should apply online.
Students can apply up to one year in advance of their anticipated start term with Embry-Riddle Asia. Undergraduate students wishing to "hold" a seat while in National Service are able to do so for up to two years.
Yes. Embry-Riddle awards advanced standing credit for both diploma and "A" Level holders. The exact number of credits depends on the diploma you hold or the "A" Level subjects you sat for. On average, aviation diploma holders from a polytechnic in Singapore are eligible for between 15 and 20 course exemptions. "A" Level holders are eligible for anywhere from 2-10 course exemptions. Other post-secondary school diplomas or degrees may also be considered for advanced standing credit.
Yes. Embry-Riddle recognizes the high standards and academic preparation the IB Diploma provides.
  • We have three graduate degree intakes each year. Students can start in January, June or August.
  • Our undergraduate degrees currently have a July and a January intake. The opportunity to start in October and March is also available to international students and those requiring a deferment due to national service.
  • Graduate intakes are capped at 20 students starting in any one term.
  • Undergraduate intakes are currently capped at 50 students per degree program
  • Graduate applicants must have a CGPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Undergraduate applicants must have a CGPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students not meeting the CGPA minimum are encouraged to meet with a member of the Embry-Riddle Admissions team to discuss provisional admission or options for admission after additional tertiary education and/or a satisfactory entrance exam score.
Yes. Scholarships and grants are available for students interested in studying at Embry-Riddle Asia. To learn more about our scholarships and grants, please visit our Tuition & Scholarship page.
No, it is not required for admission; however, high scores will enhance the student's chance of admission. Also, an SAT or ACT score is strongly encouraged to be considered for the Embry-Riddle Scholarship Program.
Yes. In fact most of our MBAA students have an undergraduate degree in a technical field. We offer business foundation courses that will provide you with the necessary business fundamentals in order to succeed in the MBAA program.
We award up to 18 credits (6 course exemptions) for holders of B1.1 ad B1.2 SAR Part 60 Maintenance License from the CAAS. The total number of credit exemptions will depend on the degree you are pursuing and your academic credentials presented at the time of admission.

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