2nd Annual Embry-Riddle Aviation Symposium

Explore the latest developments in commercial aircraft financing and leasing in Asia.

Expanding a Tradition of Excellence

Embry-Riddle Asia graduates earn the same recognized and accredited degree as students studying in the United States.

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

Embry-Riddle and ERC Institute receive CPE approval for a second full-time program in Singapore.

New Full-Time Program!

Embry-Riddle and ERC Institute receive CPE approval to offer a full-time program in Singapore.

Globally Renowned As The Best

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University continues to be the world leader in aerospace and aviation education.

What Do You Want To Be?

The Embry-Riddle name opens doors. See what types of careers could be waiting for you when you get your degree.

24 Graduate from
Embry-Riddle Asia

Aviation Business and Aeronautical Science graduates prepared for region's growing aviation needs.