2016 Singapore Airshow

Visit Embry-Riddle and meet with alumni, administration and current students.

Soaring Since 1926

Embry-Riddle is celebrating its 90th Anniversary.

Pratt & Whitney, Embry-Riddle Asia join forces

Partnership promotes advanced aviation and engineering training and education in India.

New Full-Time MBA in Aviation

Embry-Riddle and ERC Institute receive CPE approval for a third full-time degree program to be offered in Singapore.

Student Spotlight

Jason Leslie traveled to Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus in the spring to be adventurous and to meet new people.

Faculty Spotlight

Embry-Riddle Asia professor Brian O'Dwyer has aviation in his blood.

3rd Annual Embry-Riddle Aviation Symposium

Explore the latest developments in commercial aircraft financing and leasing in Asia.

Expanding a Tradition of Excellence

Embry-Riddle Asia graduates earn the same recognized and accredited degree as students studying in the United States.

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

Embry-Riddle and ERC Institute receive CPE approval for a second full-time program in Singapore.

New Full-Time Program!

Embry-Riddle and ERC Institute receive CPE approval to offer a full-time program in Singapore.

Scholarships Awarded

Six Embry-Riddle Aeronautical students awarded financial aid from an aviation association.