Faculty at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are more than educators. They share a passion for aviation and aerospace that extends far beyond the classroom. Many of them hold full-time industry positions during the day and share with you their wealth of real-world experiences. They foster partnerships with fellow professionals and global businesses to stay in the know with the latest industry trends and ensure that curriculum satisfies the needs of employers.

Many of the faculty that teach Embry-Riddle courses in Singapore are flown in from the United States to teach. Some of our full-time faculty from the United States are also living in Singapore on a two-year rotation through Singapore.

Faculty members who reside in the Singapore area still have similar backgrounds to our United States faculty as they have had the same high-caliber education and possess the same credentials, having spent adequate time learning, working, and living in the United States.

Meet our Singapore-based Faculty

Alicia Ong
Adjunct Instructor

David Cirulli

Dr. Marwan Maurizio Chedid
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Matthew Flaherty
Adjunct Instructor
Vice Chancellor and Head of Asia

Freddy Lim
Adjunct Instructor

Gerard Ortega
Adjunct Instructor 

Dr. Jack Patel
Assistant Professor & Academic Officer

Kim Chua
Director, Office of Student Success

Dr. Somi Shin
Assistant Professor

Ben Koh
Adjunct Instructor

Ignatius L. Chan
Adjunct Instructor
Senior Executive, Student Services

Dr. Lim Boon Yeow
Adjunct Professor

Shankra Krishna
Adjunct Instructor

Shiva Venkatraman
Adjunct Instructor

Worldwide Academic Leadership


College of Business

Dr. Maneesh Sharma
Dean, College of Business

Dr. Daryl Watkins
Associate Dean, College of Business

Dr. Ronald Mau
Department Chair, Department of Business Administration

Dr. Aman Gupta
Department Chair, Department of Decision Sciences

Dr. Thomas Henkel
Department Chair, Department of Management Science

Dr. Aaron Glassman
Department Chair, DL Department of Technology Management

Dr. Matt Earnhardt
Department Chair, Department of Leadership and Management

Dr. Leila Halawi
Director of Research

Dr. Tracey Richardson
Director of Academic Programs

College of Aeronautics

Dr. Kenneth Witcher
Dean, College of Aeronautics

Dr. Bruce Conway
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Aeronautics;
Program Chair, Master of Aerospace Engineering

David Thirtyacre
Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics and Department Chair, Department of Flight

Dr. Brent Terwilliger
Associate Professor and Interim Associate Research Dean;
Program Chair, Master of Unmanned
Autonomous Systems Engineering

Dr. Dennis Vincenzi
Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Aeronautics, Graduate Studies

Dr. Brian Sanders
Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics; Chair, Department of Engineering and Technology

Jim Solti
Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Aeronautics, Undergraduate Studies

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Donna Roberts
Interim Dean and Department Chair, Department of Social Sciences & Economics, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Thomas Sieland
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Jeremy Ernst
Associate Dean, Research

Dr. Debra Bourdeau
Department Chair, Department of English, Humanities & Communications

Dr. John Griffith
Department Chair, Department of Mathematics, Physical & Life Sciences

Dr. Ron Wakeham
Department Chair, Department of Emergency Services

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